Call It Courage (Newbery Medal)海上小勇士(纽伯瑞金奖)

出版时间:2006-8  出版社:Simon & Schuster  作者:Armstrong Sperry  页数:116  


Mafatu has been afraid of the sea for as long as he can remember. Though his father is the Great Chief of Hikueru - an island whose seafaring people worship courage - Mafatu feels like an outsider. All his life he has been teased, taunted, and even blamed for storms on the sea.Then at age fifteen, no longer willing to put up with the ridicule and jibes, Mafatu decides to take his fate into his own hands. With his dog, Uri, as his companion, Mafatu paddles out to sea, ready to face his fears. What he learns on his lonesome adventure will change him forever and make him a hero in the eyes of his people.


Armstrong Sperry (1897—1976) is the author of many books for young readers including Newbery Honor winner All Sail Set: A Romance of the Flying Cloud, Lost Lagoon, and Wagons Westward: The Story of the Old Trail to Santa Fe.




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